Intentions for 2022

It’s been a tradition the past few years to set intention words for the new year, so I thought I’d keep up the tradition for 2022. Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m done with the words from previous years or that I can’t add onto them just to add more focus for the year ahead.

1) Self-Assurance: this one has brewing for a while and I almost choose it as one of my words for 2021. To me, self-assurance means having a fundamental sense of “okayness” with yourself. It means even when making a mistake or receiving feedback that is challenging to hear, your self-worth isn’t diminished. An affirmation for this? May you accept yourself just as you are. Know that your worth isn’t defined by your actions, your successes, your failures, your disappointments, your praises. It is that bright spark of soul that makes you “you” and nothing can ever diminish that.

2) Boundaries: Aaahh boundaries. Much like self-assurance, this one has been brewing for a while. Boundaries have always been a weak point of mine. When it comes to setting boundaries with other people, they tie with that aforementioned self-assurance and trigger my people pleasing and wanting others (especially those I care about) to like me, leaving little room for healthy boundaries. Boundaries, of course, are healthy and necessary, not just with others but also with ourselves, and come in all shapes and sizes, often blurring a boundary for others and ourselves. For example, a boundary might involve a transition from work to personal time, as work from home seems increasingly here to stay for many. This boundary would involve expressing that to coworkers and bosses, while also being firm with ourselves and not allowing late night or early morning phone/email checking, for example.

3) Joy: I threw in this intention for 2022 for good measure, since self-assurance and boundaries seemed quite growthful and serious haha. The aspect of joy I want to cultivate is that of being present and noticing the little joys in each day whether that’s a hot shower, a morning cup of strong coffee or the deer outside in my backyard. It’s so easy to get caught up in the stresses of daily life and thinking if we can just get through this stressful period whatever it is, we’ll be happy … but that’s not how life works. There will always be some of kind of stress, uncertainty, or sadness, just as there will be moments of spontaneous laughter and wonder. The practice is in accepting and riding the waves of the “difficult” emotions and paying attention to the little moments of joy and gratitude in each day.

Do you like to do any kind of intention setting for the new year? What would your intention words be? Share in the comments below.

1 thought on “Intentions for 2022

  1. Wonderful intentions! 2021 was filled with many exciting happy moments as well as many devastating moments and permanent changes as well as everything in between. I do believe I had a good opportunity to work on patience as there were often many problem situations that inevitably would be fixed some amount of hours, days, weeks, months later. When new problems arose, I felt slightly less stressed knowing that there was likely a resolution on the other end.

    For 2022, I’d like to take the slightly less stressed into minimally stressed when problems arise and trust that there will be a resolution and if there isn’t a resolution in the way I had imagined or it is taking long periods of time, that I can be ok and enjoy what’s in front of me.

    I’d also like to instill more vibrancy and ease of conversation regardless of simple or challenging situations. All with love 💙 💕

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